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Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy*

Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy*

Today work was slow. My boss, who normally sits directly behind me, was in meetings all morning, and my immediate jobs were finished. It was a rare thing, but I had the time to browse through Facebook as much as I wanted most of the day.

There have been moments in my life that doing this would have left me in a funk. You probably know what I’m talking about – as you scroll through pictures of other people’s vacations or weddings or cute pets, suddenly you feel an overwhelming wave of envious FOMO wash over you. “Why am I not having lunch in a Parisian cafe?” “How come I can’t go hiking on the Appalachian Trail today?” “Why isn’t my partner always taking me on surprise trips?”

But you want to know what? Today I didn’t feel any of that. Not even a little hint of it. While I sat in my stuffy office, in my chair that gives me back aches, facing a wall that still doesn’t have any art on it, I saw people doing amazing things. I saw success. I saw friends working cool jobs. I saw people following their gut and traveling to new places. And I felt happy for every single person. I sat there, scrolling through picture after picture of awesome experiences, and I was beaming.

There have been times in recent years when this might not have been my response, when I might have felt resentful or angry about where I was or what I was doing instead. Life was hard there for a minute *cough* like three years *cough.*

Thankfully, I think I’m out of that funk. I feel really genuinely happy that the people in my life (even just my Facebook life) are doing well, near and far. It’s nice to see joy and self-reflection and success, even if it’s just someone I met one summer while I was WWOOFing, or at a bar one night in college.

Too often, I think social media accounts can turn into one of two things: 1) FOMO machines (see above), or 2) a massive archive of all the bad going on in the world. I’m guilty of posting devastating stuff. The news is like that; you want to be informed, and help other people be informed. The thing is, that by sharing negative news, sometimes it’s hard to see that there’s good going on, too. And even when you do see all good news, it’s hard to remember that a share of that is also for you.

But I want to resist my Facebook account’s ability to have that power over me. Because there’s a lot of fucking good out there.

I guess that’s kind of all I have to say today.

That life is amazing. And I mean that. Amazing. Just like Louis C.K.* would want you to see it. As hard as it is to remember that sometimes, with all the crazy stuff going on all over the place, or with the seeming monotony of daily life, just remember that things out there are good. Things out there are awesome.

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