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I Took to my Stoop is about slowing down, noticing the little things and living better. I started the blog back in 2012, and in the time since then I’ve been a PhD student in anthropology, a receptionist at a NYC staffing agency, a temporary squatter in my boyfriend’s parent’s house and a staff writer at the Savannah College of Art and Design. (A woman of many hats, I know!) These days I work as a freelance writer and I’m based in Savannah, GA.

I take photographs and write about everything from summer fieldwork memories to how you can learn to stay truer to what moves you. Someday I’ll probably even indulge in sharing some of my knowledge from when I was a baker. When I write, it is in an effort to bring extraordinary observation to ordinary moments, a little wonderfulness to the everyday.

I always welcome contributor posts, photographs and photo essays. While I’ve done my share of traveling and observing, I have been a very few places in this wide world, and experienced a very miniscule amount of what is out there to experience. I’d love to share your stoop* with you.

Send me an email to submit an article or some photos, or just to say hi. I’d love to hear from you!

* When I started I Took to my Stoop, I lived in Brooklyn, NY, in an old brownstone apartment that had an excellent set of stairs leading up to the front door, or what is otherwise known as a stoop. I fell in love with the rhythm of sitting on those steps, watching the world go by, sketching and writing while kids played on the sidewalk in front of me and reggae drifted on the breeze from somewhere a few blocks away. To me, the stoop represents a place where someone can just sit and let the world soak in.


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