I am, among many other things, a writer, anthropologist, photographer, runner, and baker. My ethnographic work is mostly focused in the realm of financial experiences. I originally hail from the mountains of Park City, Utah.

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A little of what I do.


I’ll just put it like this: writing has always been my jam. I think I even once told someone that words are my play-things, and I meant it. You can find a lot of my creative, ethnographic, and memoir writing on this very website, but you can also check out a bit of my work […]


I often use visual media to supplement my written ethnographic work. Beyond the photo section of ITTMS, you can find more of my visual work on my photo site, my YouTube channel, and my Etsy Shop.


I am a trained socio-cultural anthropologist. 

I make use of qualitative and ethnographic research methods to deepen human understanding, contribute to marketing and advertising strategy, and engage in digital and social media. My areas of focus are visual studies, political economy, and financial experience. In addition to the research I have done about homelessness in New […]


Centre Hall, Pennsylvania

Centre Hall, Pennsylvania

Posted on Dec 2, 2014

Post Thanksgiving day gratitude. View from the front porch.

For You

For You

Posted on Nov 13, 2014

It’s something about the cold. Something about the smell in the air, and the feeling of being bundled in a coat again. It reminds me of the first few months. The hushed, sacred moments when we began to love one another. You smelled like leaves, and campfire, and mint tea all at once. You had […]


Posted on Nov 9, 2014

Man in the Whole Foods cafeteria. Selling his company to interviewees, facing the mirror so he can look at himself every few minutes. He has a new haircut, and a pastel shirt, and a growing gut. He seems a little desperate in his control of information. Some sort of stat talk about Duane Reade’s and […]

In the Park

Posted on Nov 9, 2014

She sits alone at a bench in the park, a cup steaming in front of her. She stares absently into the space before her, the noise of fire trucks and blips of conversation doing nothing to move her gaze. She takes note of a pigeon, then a squirrel. She takes a slow, shaky sip from her […]

The Picnic

The Picnic

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

In the abandoned greenhouse, Shivnarine and Caca Gi have cleared the front area of rusty wheelbarrows and broken trowels. Arranged in a circle on the ground are fifteen mats, each with a banana leaf placed in front. The room swells with the hum of cicadas in the afternoon heat, and with all the windows newly opened, […]

Pizza Plane

Posted on Oct 14, 2014

“Attention passengers. If you don’t eat meat, please ring your flight attendant call button.” I chuckle, looking up the aisle to see how far away the flight attendants are. I thought it was a joke when the gate crew announced an hour ago, before we’d even boarded our plane, that Delta was going to buy the whole flight pizza to […]

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I am a socio-cultural anthropologist and writer. I Took to my Stoop is a platform for me to share stories, media work, and tips from my ongoing experiences in the world as a researcher. If you have any questions about me, my services, the blog, or anthropology in general, feel free to e-mail me at megroguschka [at] Otherwise, enjoy browsing!